Supply Pastors - Lay Speakers

Compensation for a supply pastor on a regular basis should meet the guidelines, using the part-time formula for a pastor when the contract involves less than full time service.  2023-2024 ISC Compensation Guidelines

Where a congregation needs only worship leadership, a pulpit supply pastor or lay speaker may be contracted.*  A weekly compensation of approximately $200, plus travel expenses (current IRS recommended mileage) is a fairly standard amount for that service. An additional amount is to be added if the church involves more than one service.

*Please note-Lay speakers should not be used for consecutive Sundays or long term pulpit fill.  Only ordained clergy can administer the sacraments.


J. (Josiah) Frederick Accola

Norma Borgmann

Eric Bosaw

Tom Ellison

Angela Hausmann



(618) 806-6955

(618) 292-4617

(618) 550-0752

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