Conference Gatherings Team

Carol Harms

Walt Hart, Chair

Eileen Hoag

Chilang Lawless

Rev. Dana Schindler

Matt Swinford

Rev. Tarrah Vaupel

Rev. Jeremy Wood

Rev. Lisa Hart, Local Church Ministries' liaison

Angie Zapp, Local Church Ministries' liaison

Rev. Shana Johnson, ex officio

Christy Pursell, ex officio

Lynnette Schuepbach, ex officio

Term = 2 years, with 2 terms as maximum.

The Conference Gatherings Team plans the Conference Annual Meeting and Day of Discipleship. Team may also be called into service to plan other events when the Conference gathers as a Conference. Members need to contribute ideas and assume responsibility for planning the events as well as attend and assist at the actual events. Team members are expected to attend the Conference Annual Meeting.

Time commitment: Monthly daytime meetings, location determined by Team. The Chair will be a member of Conference Council and expected to attend those meetings every other month.