Nicole Avise-Rouse

Rev. Katie Jo Bielke

Steven Droege

Julie Kies

Racel Kinzinger

Steve McClay

Alaina Scherle

Tarrah Vaupel

Nancy Wagner, Chair

Angie Zapp

Term = 2 years, with 2 terms as maximum.

The Outdoor Ministry Team works with the Director of Outdoor Ministries to pursue and achieve the mission of DuBois Center and Outdoor Ministries in the Conference; evaluate, promote and give direction to programs and operations. The OMT is organized into committees with specific tasks: Program, Marketing, Finance, Friend/Fund Raising, Fall Festival, and Equestrian. Team members with interest and experience in these areas desired.

Expectations: Participate in the majority of OMT meetings/retreats; serve on at least one OMT committee by being an active participant /attender; be involved in all significant fund-raising events including leading one area of Fall Festival; spend time on site by participating in at least one DuBois Center program (Retreat, Sunday Dinner, Work Day, Summer Camp session or registration, Week-end Host, etc.).

Time commitment: Meetings every other month (2nd Monday, usually at DuBois Center). Committee meetings every other month or as needed, and participation in special events. The Chair will be a member of Conference Council and expected to attend those meetings every other month.