Nicole Avise-Rouse, Chair

Dr. Jill Baker

Rev. Philip Barbier

Carrie Clayton

Steven Droege

Aaron Fuchs

Susan Fuchs

David Hoffmann

Rev. John Holst

Rachel Kinzinger

Rev. Jeff McCarn

Steve McClay

Rev. Tarrah Vaupel

Noah McCarn, Executive Director of DuBois Center, ex officio

Rylee Bernhardt, Programming Director, ex officio

Rev. Shana Johnson, ex officio

Term = 2 years, with 2 terms as maximum.

The Outdoor Ministry Team works with the Director of Outdoor Ministries to pursue and achieve the mission of DuBois Center and Outdoor Ministries in the Conference; evaluate, promote and give direction to programs and operations. The OMT is organized into committees with specific tasks: Program, Marketing, Finance, Friend/Fund Raising, Fall Festival, and Equestrian. Team members with interest and experience in these areas desired.

Expectations: Participate in the majority of OMT meetings/retreats; serve on at least one OMT committee by being an active participant /attender; be involved in all significant fund-raising events including leading one area of Fall Festival; spend time on site by participating in at least one DuBois Center program (Retreat, Sunday Dinner, Work Day, Summer Camp session or registration, Week-end Host, etc.).

Time commitment: Meetings every other month (2nd Monday, usually at DuBois Center). Committee meetings every other month or as needed, and participation in special events. The Chair will be a member of Conference Council and expected to attend those meetings every other month.