Property Committee

Mark Beckmeyer

Roger Harris

Dennis Hesker

David Hoffmann

Rev. Gary Kniepkamp

Priscilla Self

Rev. Shana Johnson, ex officio

Term = 2 years, with 2 terms as maximum.

Property Committee oversees the maintenance of the Highland office and DuBois Center properties and any other properties the Conference might acquire as deemed appropriate by the Conference staff. It works closely with the Outdoor Ministry Team to assess and maintain the DuBois Center property. Currently, the committee is prioritizing maintenance needs and a schedule of completion. Members of this committee are sometimes recruited to make simple repairs and maintenance and/or assist with DuBois Center homes’ decors.

Time commitment: The committee meets at the Highland office, DuBois Center and/or designated sites. Additional meetings can be called as necessary to prioritize, plan, and/or accomplish repairs and improvements.