Mark Your Calendars!

Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 24, 2020

St. Paul UCC
115 W "B" Street
Belleville, IL 62220

Celebrate Ministries Reception

Friday, October 23, 2020

Trinity UCC
47 N Douglas Ave
Belleville, IL 62221

Festival of Faith 2020, an event for 6th-8th graders and their chaperones,  will take place on February 15 - 16 (Saturday & Sunday) at DuBois Center.  For a third year, we welcome Craig Bielke from St Paul UCC in Belleville as the event's leader and thank him for taking on this exciting but challenging responsibility! All are invited to worship, play, grow and experience God's great back yard at DuBois Center.  Please note this important date - February 4 for paperwork/payment to the ISC office. The space request form ensures that your youth and chaperones will have space at the event and helps us plan for housing and meals. The February 4 deadline allows us time to communicate back with chaperones, plan activities/discussions, and confirm housing placement and management of dietary issues. Here is the packet for planning and registration of your church's youth.


Supplemental Survey, click here.

It's Time to Update Your Church's Records with UCC

Here's why!
1.  Annual reporting allows you to update your church’s contact information so that the UCC Yearbook & DirectoryAccess UCC, and  Find A Church on are accurate.

2.  When planning your congregations future plans or when your congregation is in the search process, an eleven -year membership and financial report for your church will be available from the data that you submit during the yearbook process. You can see what money was spent on salary, housing, pensions, etc. to understand and prepare a package for the proposed candidate. If your church doesn’t report the information, you cannot easily benefit from that statistical information. It also helps your conference understand your congregation from a statistical perspective, in order to provide appropriate support and resources. If you’d like to see your church’s 11-year report, let me know and I’ll run it for you.

3.  When you report the membership numbers, we keep that number to determine how many delegates are allowed to represent your church at Annual Meeting, Ecclesiastical Councils, and any other official meetings. So without that information, we cannot determine your representation accurately.

4.  The numbers you report help to determine how many delegates your Conference can designate for General Synod, which is one of the essential ways your voice is heard on important issues.

5. The information given about ministerial support is anonymously combined with other churches’ information to give a suggested compensation package for any pastor. These statistics are a benchmark to determine appropriate church staffing configurations and compensation guidelines. It will be helpful for your congregation when in the search process or when establishing your budget.  (Individual data is not published but is used to accumulate the final statistics for the benchmarks.)

6.  Reporting your church’s OCWM and special offerings giving allows conferences and the national setting to recognize and thank you for your support of the wider church and to encourage future support.

7.  The trend of attendance gives you one way of tracking the ways in which you have an opportunity to “do church.”

8.  This information allows the UCC Center for Analytics, Research and Data (CARD) to conduct advanced statistical analyses that contribute to important research for all mainline denominations, like some of the research reported on CARD’s  weekly blog.

9.  For new and renewing churches that receive funding from the national setting, annual reporting helps to ensure continued financial support, as it is a requirement for churches that receive these grants.

10.  For churches seeking loans through the Church Building & Loan Fund or Cornerstone Fund, annual statistics are viewed by these entities for verification and clarification of information provided in the loan application.

11.  You’re creating a historical statistical record for your congregation that will long outlive current generations and that historians will be able to learn from in the future.

12. The data you provide contributes to the reporting of denominational trends in the annual UCC Statistical Profile, which tracks overall membership, ministerial compensation, and church finances over time.

Please decide who is responsible for this at your church. If it is not in your job description, please forward to the person responsible. Don’t assume someone else will be doing it. If you choose not to enter the information online, just fill out the attached Yearbook Data Entry Worksheet at the end of the Church Instructions and send it to me. I will be happy to do it for you.  I am also sending an additional copy by snail mail to all church offices.

Data Hub opened January 8 and will remain open until midnight on March 4, 2020. See the Instructions for how-to. Thanks.

To receive instructions, contact Lynnette Schuepbach  at email.

Day of Discipleship
Registration Open

This year, Day of Discipleship presents "Healthy & Whole Congretations," on Saturday, Feb 29 from 9:30 am - 2 pm at St. Paul UCC in Waterloo. Rev Dr. Sarah Lund, UCC Minister for Disabilities & Mental Health Justice, will be the keynote speaker, talking about how we can make our congregations welcoming to all. After the keynote, you can choose two workshops by other local experts who will give you suggestions and resources to help your congregations. To find out more about Day of Discipleship and Rev. Dr. Lund, click here or use this form to register and choose workshops you want to attend.

To register online, click here.

Download a bulletin insert.

Rev. Dr. Sarah Lund, UCC Minister for Disabilities & Mental Health Justice

Who Leads Your Church?

The Illinois South Conference is the association of churches which is here to help you find information and resources for all of the areas of its members' churches. In order to get this information to the right leaders of your church, we need to update our information as to your leadership. Here is a form we would like you to fill our after your yearly elections so that we will send financial information to Treasurers and music information to your musicians, etc. Please help us to keep current and funnel information to the right people. We are sending as an excel file and a pdf. Both are fill-able on your computer or can be printed to write the information in. Click here for the form.

ATTN: Active and Retired Clergy of the ISC

Boundary Training is required every three years to maintain your standing in the ISC. The training is based on the curriculum from Faith Trust Institute and will be presented to the active clergy by Rev. Shana Johnson, ISC Conference Minister, and to the retired clergy by Rev. Allen Ladage of the Missouri Mid-South Conference.
In 2020, there will be three dates for active clergy:
Tuesday, February 11 at St. Jacob UCC, 207 W. Main, St. Jacob, IL 62281
Tuesday, May 12 at ISC Highland Office; and
Tuesday, November 10 at ISC Highland Office.
There will be two dates for retired clergy:
Thursday, February 13 at St. Jacob UCC, 207 W. Main, St. Jacob, IL 62281 and
Wednesday, November 11 at ISC Highland Office.
All sessions will begin with breakfast at 8:30 am and conclude at 2 pm and 12 pm, respectively for active clergy and retired clergy. Please register using this form or by email.

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