Search for Executive Director of DuBois Center

As you heard at our recent Annual Meeting and through various communications of the Conference, we are currently searching for a new Executive Director for DuBois Center. This is a new position and job description for someone who will provide administrative and supervisory oversight of the programs and services of DuBois Center. Our search committee consists of our search co-chairs, Nicole Avise Rouse (representing the Outdoor Ministry Team as their current chairperson) and Priscilla Self (our at large member and a former DuBois Center staff member), our search secretary, Rev. Philip Barbier (also representing the Outdoor Ministry Team as a current member), our search chaplain, Rev. Joan Mier (representing the Personnel Committee), and our search ex-officio members, Dr. Jill Baker (current moderator of the Conference), and Rev. Shana Johnson (ISC Conference Minister).

Our search committee has been working hard on your behalf on the preparation process of a search and is now ready to receive letters of interest and resumes from potential candidates.

We are praying for the right person for this critical season of the life and ministry of DuBois Center. We covet your prayers for the search process and seek support and help from all our members and churches in the Illinois South Conference. Please help us get the word out concerning the search for the Executive Director by sharing information on your websites, social media presence, newsletters, and Sunday morning bulletin announcements. Below is the wording in bold that you can use. Feel free to cut and paste, making sure the links work when you do. Thank you in advance for your prayers, support, and help to promote this opportunity.

Are you a people person who also has a deep love of creation? Do you possess strong organizational and interpersonal skills? Are you someone with abundant initiative and enthusiasm? If so, you are the person we are looking for to be the Executive Director of DuBois Center.

The Executive Director of DuBois Center is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of DuBois Center as well as staff recruitment and management, ensuring the health and safety of all campers and guests, and developing and sustaining partnerships to grow camping and retreat activities. The Executive Director of DuBois Center will serve in conjunction with the members of the Illinois South Conference of the United Church of Christ, which seeks to do the work of Christ on earth through our shared missions of healing, mercy, and justice and which rely on the Holy Spirit to guide, comfort, challenge, empower, and bind all God’s people in a loving, covenantal relationship.

To review the job description, expectations and compensation, please click here.

To apply, send your statement of interest and resume to Preference will be given to those who apply before November 30, 2022.

ISC Annual Meeting 2022 Highlights

The Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 15, was a wonderful day of fellowship, business and worship. It was marvelous to greet people we have not been in-person with for a few years. Here are some highlights:

  • You can see for yourself at these links.

Opening Worship:

Musical Reflection #1:

Musical Reflection #2:

Closing Worship:

(Thanks to Matt Swinford (standing in center in orange shirt) for handling the technology and last-minute changes to the PowerPoint presentations.)

  • The Many blessed us with inspirational music and lyrics.
  • One member of Collinsville St. John UCC, Dena Bieser, baked over 33 dozen (396) cookies for the attendees, including, vegan, sugar-free, gluten free, nut-free, rainbow, and regular to include the needs of all. She received a "Baking Queen" apron and tiara.
  • At this time, we collected nearly $6,309 for DuBois 6.0 and $3,463 for Disaster Ministries.
  • Delegates voted to become a WISE Conference (Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, Engaged).
  • Photos are courtesy of Amy Rhymer and Rev. Ivan Horn.
  • Thanks to all of the teams of ISC members for making this a memorable event.
  • Thanks to the Collinsville St. John UCC Men's Fellowship for providing breakfast for the entire group.
  • Thanks to Deaconess Foundation for sponsoring the lunch for the entire group.
  • Thanks to the MarketPlace participants: Eden Bookstore, Eden Theological Seminary, Deaconess Foundation, Fair Trade Coffee & SERRV, Uni-Pres Kindercottage, Hoyleton Youth & Family Services, Hitz Memorial Home, St. John's Community Care, Messy Church, UCC Insurance Board, UCC United Church Funds, ISC Hunger/Food Action Committee, ISC Justice & Mission Team.
  • Snacks donated by the members of Collinsville St. John UCC were abundant.
  • We acknowledged a bitter-sweet farewell to Christy Pursell as she moves to Pennsylvania to be closer to your children and grandson, Atticus. We wish her well but will miss her terribly. Thanks, Christy for your ministry here at Illinois South Conference. Kiss the baby for us.

Click here for photos and a review of Delegate Materials

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Disaster Ministries

Does your congregation desire to be more prepared for disasters, both to protect yourselves and to extend love to your neighbors in time of crisis? Then Willing to Respond is for you!
Willing to Respond is a United Church of Christ collaboration with Disciples of Christ’s Week of Compassion. It’s simple to access and has an easy three-step process to register.
“Willing to Respond is not a one-size-fits-all program,” emphasized Lesli Remaly, United Church of Christ Minister for Disaster Response and Recovery. “The way you serve is up to your congregation, as God is leading you.
“In fact,” Remaly said, “Your congregation may already be serving disaster survivors by assembling CWS Kits and Emergency Clean-Up Buckets, contributing to UCC appeals, deploying work teams to disaster rebuilding sites or helping people in your community clean up after a flood or storm.
“Willing to Respond will help your congregation review its experience, available resources, and community context; discern your growing edges; and get ready to respond when disaster strikes,” she said. “The Willing to Respond network helps your congregation get connected to collaborate.”
For more information and assistance with registering your congregation or church group, please contact our Illinois South Conference, UCC Disaster Coordinator, Priscilla Self here or 618-318-0083.

Zoom Prayer and Lectionary Lunch Hour for Pastors
The Local Church Ministries team hosts a weekly Zoom Prayer and Lectionary Lunch Hour on Wednesdays from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm for all Illinois South Conference pastors. This is an opportunity for clergy in the Conference to get together for weekly prayer, support, and the sharing of preaching and worship ideas for the coming Sunday.  An email with Zoom link was sent to all pastors. The same link is used each week.
Payroll for Pastors
Often the Conference office receives calls about whether a minister is an independent contractor or a W-2 employee. Heather Kimmel, legal counsel of the United Church of Christ has added a section on the United Church of Christ website which is a helpful overview in addressing this question.  We encourage you to read and share with the bookke​eper and/or the person(s) who handles finances in your church.

DuBois 6.0 Update

What can you do to support DuBois 6.0?
  • Volunteer to work on a project- the Property Committee would welcome your help.
  • Make a personal or congregational donation- we can take everything from cash to stock and cryptocurrency.
  • And while you’re at it, put our outdoor ministry center in your prayers for both a safe summer filled with fun and a successful capital campaign.
We’re building faith, building capacity and building for the next 60 years.  To donate, click here.

Give to the Scholarship Fund to bring Campers to DuBois Center

Each year, DuBois Center serves hundreds of campers who are both part of our Illinois South Conference churches and our area neighbors. For some, attending camp would not be possible without the generous gift of a camp scholarship. Each week, campers enjoy countless activities including horseback riding, water mat play while swimming, gaga ball games, campfire cook-outs, and creek walks. They also have a chance to step away into nature, form lifelong friendships, and experience faith formation in a lasting and fun way. Simply put, camp changes lives through radical acceptance, risk-taking in a safe environment, and the chance to step away from busy lives, sports schedules, and all of the things that often distract our attention.
Consider supporting the transformative power of camp this summer by donating to our scholarship fund. This allows us to continue to provide this needed space to our neighbors. You can mail checks to the office or consider an online donation. All funds designated to our scholarship fund will help us provide the camp experience to those who may not be able to experience it this summer otherwise.