Committee on Ministry Team

Rev. Nancy Brooks

Rev. Paula Comper

Rev. Brian Damrow

Rev. Tim Darmour-Paul


Myron Hanna

Virginia Ilch

David Newfarmer

Rev. Brett Palmer

Rev. Kevin Strope, Co-chair

Sandy Wagner

Mark Waltermire

Mark Walz, Co-chair

Rev. Shana Johnson, ex officio

Term = 3 years, with 2 terms as maximum.

Primary responsibilities:
All matters relating to the preparation for, and authorization of, Licensed, Ordained and Commissioned ministers, and persons ordained in another denomination seeking to enter ministry in the United Church of Christ by way of Privilege of Call or Dual Standing.

All matters relating to the standing and oversight of Commissioned, Licensed and Ordained ministers, including development, nurture, maintenance and oversight of the covenantal relationship between authorized ministers of the Illinois South Conference and the United Church of Christ.

Standing and welfare of the congregations of the Illinois South Conference as a covenantal relationship between local congregations and the United Church of Christ.

Examples of the ministry include: Search & Call; discernment education, church renewal & maintenance; conflict mediation.

Qualities for members:
Discernment and listening
Knowledge of UCC polity (or willingness to learn) and ability to deal with large amounts of information and documentation
Commitment to, and awareness of, the covenantal nature of the UCC