Church Search & Call

Search & Call

•  Local Church Profile  doc   pdf

•  Manual on Ministry

♦  Covenant/Call Agreements
•  Settled Pastor Call Agreement  doc   pdf
•  Supply Pastor Covenant  doc   pdf
•  Interim Pastor Covenant  doc   pdf (fillable)

♦  Compensation
•  ISC Health & Dental Rates 2018 Expanded doc  pdf 
•  2019 UCC Medical and Dental Benefits Rate Announcement
•  2019 ISC Quarterly Insurance Rates from Pension Boards of UCC  doc   pdf
• 2019-2020 Pastor Compensation Guidelines
• 2020-2021 Pastor Compensation Guidelines

Click here to see the Highlights to the UCC Medical/Dental Benefits Plan

To use the Pension Board Rate Locator, click here.