Who’s Ready to Get Some Jesus?

Who's Ready to Get Some Jesus?
I knew it was going to be a wonderful worship experience when I pulled into the parking lot of the church I would be preaching at that morning and I heard the beautiful family in the minivan next to me having this conversation: "So who's ready to get some Jesus this morning? Yay, I am!! Me too!!"
Immediately, I thought, "That will preach." However, more than just a cute sermon illustration, it got me thinking about how open and willing we really are to experience and meet Jesus.
Are we ready to receive Jesus when we attend worship? I don't mean are we ready to talk about Jesus, pray about Jesus, sing about Jesus or hear about Jesus. Yet, are we truly open, ready, and willing to experience and meet Jesus? And not the Jesus of our particular traditions or the Jesus that we have created in our own image.
Are we ready to receive the Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels (of Mark, Matthew, and Luke)?
The radical Jesus who challenged the status quo?
The Jesus who pressed against all societal customs and norms of who belonged and who did not or who should have power and who should not?
The Jesus who confused and confounded political and religious leaders as he confronted injustices and inequality in both systems?
Are we ready to receive the Jesus of John's Gospel?
The mystical Jesus?
The Jesus who is the eternal presence of the Divine, from the beginning of time and for all time?
The Jesus who offers us salvation, grace, and mercy for all?
Are we ready to receive the Jesus who continues to reveal himself to all of Creation and all of humanity?
Are we ready to receive the Jesus who will challenge us, disciple us, and keep us in check about what it really means to extend love, forgiveness, mercy and justice to ALL of God's children?
Are we ready to receive the Jesus who will amaze us, astonish us and leave us awe struck by what he can do through us if we risk and dare to trust and follow him?
So who's ready to get some Jesus?
Are you?!
Blessings, Rev. Shana Johnson, Conference Minister