Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts Remind Us to Send the Gift, Send the Card, Make the Call, and Be a Blessing

This week I received an unexpected gift at my office. A member from one of the churches in our Conference sent it. It is someone I have seen and spoken with only a few times. It wasn't my birthday or a special occasion, so I wasn't sure why I was receiving the box that contained a beautifully knitted prayer shawl carefully wrapped in tissue paper.

The personal note enclosed touched my soul deeply. The person wrote that they had knitted the shawl, especially for me, with love and prayers. They expressed their gratitude for my ministry and my articles in this weekly newsletter (which made my heart sing as I often wonder if it is worth taking the time to write something each week). The shawl will forever be a treasured sign of this person's blessing, an act of appreciation and affirmation.

This gift made me think of all the times I have thought of sending someone something unexpectedly just because I thought of them. The times I thought about sending a card to express my awe, gratitude, support, or congratulations. The times I thought about picking up the phone to tell someone that they kept coming to my mind, and I have been praying for them. I thought about such things, but often I did not follow through.

This unexpected gift reminded me to pay attention when I feel the Spirit's nudging. May you have had those times too when you thought about it but didn't act on it. Dear friends, send the gift, send the card, make the Call, and be a blessing.

Blessings, Rev. Shana Johnson

ISC Conference Minister