Trust the Process

Trust the Process

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but the picture for March from my Kimothy Joy calendar seems to be something we all need to be reminded of repeatedly.

Dear One, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Try and calm your mind, body, and spirit enough to receive and believe these wise words; trust the process. I know you cannot see the unfolding, and I know too many unknowns are swirling around you to embrace a transformation ahead of you. You might be at the baffling beginning, the messy middle, or inching toward the elusive ending. I know it isn't easy to hear and completely understand at this moment, but still, lean in and listen…trust the process.

For as random as life seems to be, it is not. The One who created and breathed you into being, has not left you and is not done with you. Despite the worst-case scenario “what ifs” soundtrack you have been playing in your mind on repeat, what if you trust the process of the Divine, who is still alive, creating something new within you?

What if you would stop fighting against the things you cannot control, letting go even in the darkness, and choosing the brave act of trust? While it will undoubtedly look different on the other side, what if it is more beautiful than you could have imagined? Imagine what could happen if you trust the process.

Rev. Shana Johnson
ISC Conference Minister