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Rev. John Holst    Email

Audrey Hicks    Email



Rev. Tim Darmour-Paul   Email


Pastor Tom Ellison    Email

Rev. Dr. Don Wagner    Email

Sharon Banjavcic  Email  &  Nancy Eisenhauer   Email

Term = 2 years, with 2 terms as maximum.

Each convener serves as the regional representative on the Conference Council and presides at their regional gatherings. Conveners are responsible for encouraging the churches and members of their region to engage in God’s mission and helping their region identify persons to serve on Conference Teams and Committees. Regional meetings shall be held on a regular basis, at least once each year. Conveners are ex officio members of the Conference Council with voice but no vote. They are welcome to attend the Conference Council meetings and the Conference Annual Meeting. Please refer to page 7, Article IV, Section 2 of the Conference Bylaws.