Lenten Devotional - 2023
"Beginnings – Living Into The Spirit's Vision of The Beloved Community."

Devotion written by Rev. Dr. Don Wagner
Photos by Fr. Gerald Schweitzer
Graciously shared with the ISC churches.
Donations directed to Hoyleton Youth & Family Services.

Lenten Devotional - 2022
Journey to Easter

Devotion written by Rev. Dr. Don Wagner
Photos by Fr. Gerald Schweitzer
Graciously shared with the ISC churches.
Donations will be divided between DuBois 6.0 and Sojourner Truth Center.

A Worship Service for your Church

Here is a bulletin and a worship service video developed by Illinois South Conference for your use. The hope is to provide your pastor with a week of respite from planning worship. You may use it this Sunday, June 28 or any other Sunday of your choosing. Each church may choose the date and time to share with your congregation. Click here for the bulletin to accompany this service.

Advent Devotional - 2020
Devotions by Rev. Dr. Don Wagner
Photos by Fr. Gerald Schweitzer

The Twelve Days of Christmas - 2020
Devotions by Rev. Dr. Don Wagner
Photos by Fr. Gerald Schweitzer

Donations will be divided between DuBois Center and Sojourner Truth Center.

The Council of Conference Ministers of the United Church of Christ has created a video worship service for all churches of the UCC to use as they see fit. You may play this video service from beginning to end, or use the individual components of the service in your own worship plans. Although the text for this service aligns with the Revised Common Lectionary text for November 15, you may use it on any Sunday that is convenient for you.

Click here to download the worship resources, including the videos and a service bulletin. Click here to view the components video on Vimeo. click the "Worship Resources" button below.

Worship Music Videos (Music & Words) Shared by David Ekstrand, Trinity UCC, Belleville
Go in the Spirit
Gloria Patri
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Thousand Tongues

Worship Resource-A gift of music from The OÎkos Ensemble
Click on each song title to be linked to the Worship Jazz Blog. There you will find a link to the music on YouTube, a reflective thought and personal prayer.
Forest Muse by Cliff Aerie (7:47)
Dreams and Visions by Chris Bakriges & Cliff Aerie(5:46)
Earth Walk by Cliff Aerie (8:58)
Jiangjing [Live the Way] by Cliff Aerie (6:38)
Up the Downspout by Cliff Aerie (11:15)
Salaam Q'ahira by Chris Bakriges & Cliff Aerie (10:05)
Dance of the Aegean by Chris Bakriges (7:00)
Singing All My Blues Away by Chris Bakriges & Cliff Aerie (7:42)
Joy Dawned Again by Chris Bakriges [arrangement on hymn tune] (5:45)
As One by Chris Bakriges & Cliff Aerie (4:15)

UCC Offers Digital Content for Tough Times

These times are unlike anything we may have ever experienced. We know it can be challenging to meaningfully connect with people from whom we are asked to remain distant. For this reason we have developed a free collection of digital resources - social messaging and graphics - for use in this time of virtual engagement. The collection includes graphics that are optimized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We invite you to use this collection as you wish to help your faith community stay connected. Use them on your website, across your social media channels, in your online bulletins, and at your virtual gatherings.

We hope these resources are helpful to your setting. Download here.

More Prayers & Litanies
Through the generosity of ISC Pastors, these worship prayers and litanies are available for you to share in your local worship services. Don't forget to give credit where credit is due!!

Shared Anonymously

Shared by Rev. Gus Kuether, retired Pastor

Shared by Rev. Michelle Torigian, Belleville St. Paul UCC Pastor

Unison Prayer of Invocation,
shared by Rev. Dr. Don Wagner, St. Paul UCC, Lebanon

Holy God, God of Empty Tomb Amazement and filled-room appearances; Lord of stunned silence patience and peace-giving forgiveness; hear our prayers of adoration this day.

From our homes and places of isolation and safety, from our work places of essential services and caring, and from those places which require some to be on the front lines of COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment and research, we come to you in humble contrition and appeal. We are realizing that our bodies are not as strong and resistant as we once imagined, that our communal behaviors have wide-ranging and long-lasting effects on the welfare of others, and that our need for each other, around the world, far exceeds our desire or capacity to have everything and do everything on our own.

Remove from us the doubt of your power and authority, inspire in us the faith and courage to believe and serve you. Create in us a new sense of, and desire for, the nearing kingdom standing in our midst. In this time of trial, shape us as a potter shapes the clay that we would become vessels of Gospel conviction and witness of all that you are doing in the name of the Risen Christ, our Lord, in whose name we dare to pray. Amen.