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COVID Update #24, Feb. 1, 2022
COVID Update #23, December 6, 2021
COVID Update #22, August 1, 2021
COVID Update #21, June 14, 2021
COVID Update #20, May 17, 2021
COVID Update #19, February 1, 2021
COVID Update #18, November 30, 2020
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COVID Update #16, November 4, 2020
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COVID Update #13, June 15, 2020
COVID Update#12 June 1, 2020
Truth in Love
Hope Present in Pentecost Letter
COVID Update #11 May 26, 2020
Pastoring in a Pandemic Zoom Workshop Flyer
COVID Update#10 May 18, 2020
Faithfully Phasing Forward
COVID Update#9 May 11, 2020
COVID Update#8 May 4, 2020
COVID Update #7 April 27, 2020
COVID Update #6 April 20, 2020
COVID Update #5 April 13, 2020
COVID Update #4 April 6, 2020
COVID Update #3 March 30, 2020
COVID Update #2 March 20, 2020
COVID Update #1
Pastoral Letter

Worship Resources

Faithfully Phasing Forward click here

Guidelines for Worship & Religious Services, click here.

UCC As Congregations Consider Re-opening Their Buildings for Worship

Click here for worship resources shared by the Pastors of Illinois South Conference and more.

UCC offers information about Social Media and Digital Downloads. Click here to download.

Legal/Copyright Advice

Can Churches Ask If Members Are Vaccinated?

Copyright Advice

Many churches move to live broadcasts and shared videos of their worship services. Now that you’ve worked out the process, you need to give some thought to what kinds of licensing you need to share these works.  There was an initial window where licensing requirements were suspended, but that has passed.

Fortunately, Members of Faith INFO, The Pilgrim Press, and UCC Legal Counsel have your back. They have created a video to address your questions about copyright, legal implications, licensing, streaming, and more. Check it out on YouTube.

Information through the UCC denomination 

Daily COVID-19 Briefing from UCC - Facts, Not Fear
If you would like to receive a Daily Briefing from UCC Disaster Ministries on COVID-19 which separates facts from falsehoods and fear, send an email by this link. It is prepared Monday through Friday by Barbara T. Baylor, MPH.

The UCC website has a page dedicated to the COVID-19 situation which is being regularly updated.

How to Do Electronic GIVING at Your Church

Websites to monitor 

These websites remain our best sources for accurate and regularly updated information.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has particular guidance for community and faith-based organizations you might review.

CDC Summary of the Situation

CDC Symptoms and Prevention

The Illinois Department of Health 

A Worship Service for Your Church

Here is a bulletin and a worship service video developed by Illinois South Conference for your use. The hope is to provide your pastor with a week of respite from planning worship. You may use it this Sunday, June 28 or any other Sunday of your choosing. Each church may choose the date and time to share with your congregation. Click here for the bulletin to accompany the above service.