Local Church Ministries Presents Virtual Workshops

The workshops will be conducted through Zoom format. There is no registration fee. We ask you to use the link below to register for "The Reformation of the Church."  The link for "Engaging Youth" below will take you to the meeting at the time stated.
Friday, October 23 - 2 pm - 3 pm
The Re-formation of the Church
Come as you are with your questions and comments to speak with Rev. Dr. Chris Davies (left) of Faith Education, Innovation and Formation of the national setting. We will take a breath together, witness to the time we are in, and hope for the world we are co-creating together. We hope that you will feel restored and deeply heard after having attended this conversation and Webinar on October 23 from 2 pm to 3 pm.
Rev. Dr. Chris Davies is a Connecticut native and a Cleveland transplant and a wandering Irish Rover at heart. She loves the church deeply, and is committed to finding ways to continue to bring the gospel into the world.  Rev. Dr. Davies grew up in the United Church of Christ, and was baptized and ordained within the same local congregation in Connecticut, and loves church.  Church as it was, church as it is, and church as we know it can be…. with the help of God and the people willing to live into their Gospel Call.  She has led the dreaming and visioning of the United Church of Christ through our strategic planning, and is witnessing to that at National, conference, and local levels.  Chris lives in Cleveland, OH, where she serves as the Team Leader for Faith Education, Innovation, and Formation at the National Setting of the United Church of Christ.  Affectionately called Faith INFO, the team’s purpose is to equip congregations with the proclamation of the liberating love of the Gospel. 

Engaging the Youth

Friday, October 23 - 3:15 pm - 4 pm
Engaging the Youth
It will be available that day.
Are you struggling with keeping your youth involved? Bring your questions and concerns regarding ways to keep your Youth engaged in the life of your church during these unprecedented times.  Join us via Zoom on October 23 from 3:15 pm to 4 pm as we pose questions and seek the wisdom of our panelists:  Julie Gvillo (left), former Presbyterian Youth Pastor and founder of A Place of Grace and Rev. Debbie Jo Atkins (right below, pastor of St. Paul UCC in Staunton. Gain insight and ideas to rekindle or spark your youth ministry.

Resources for Youth Ministry

During Annual Meeting weekend, the ISC Local Church Ministry Team presented a workshop by Rev. Debbie Jo Atkins, Pastor of Staunton St. Paul UCC, and Julie Gvillo, former Presbyterian Youth Pastor and founder of A Place of Grace. Julie shared several resources that were helpful for youth ministries. She shares them here to enrich your youth programs throughout Illinois South Conference.

  • Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries
  • Family-Based Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries
  • Growing Souls by Mark Yaconelli
  • Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli
  • Messy Spirituality by Mark Yaconelli
  • The God-bearing Life: The Art of Soul Tending for Youth Ministry by Kenda Creasy Dean
  • Practicing Passion: Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church by Kenda Creasy Dean
  • Starting Right: Thinking Theologically About Youth Ministry by Kenda Creasy Dean
  • Soul Tending: Life-Forming Practices for Older Youth and Young Adults by Beverly Burton, Drew Dyson.
  • The Presbyterian Church (USA) toolkits, a collective kit of "Essential Practices" for communal faith formation that can be engaged at any age.

Download the free toolkit for youth here.

Download the free toolkit for faith practices here.

Julie Gvillo, is the Founder and Creative Executive Director of A Place of Grace. A Place of Grace is exactly what its name implies ... holy ground for meeting God face to face.
​With thirteen years of pastoral and Christian Education experience in a ministry setting, her passion for spiritual formation has only grown and expanded. She shares this passion with pastors and church educators through seminars and retreats. To learn more about Julie and her work, click here.

Rev. Debbie Jo Atkins is the Pastor and Teacher at Staunton St. Paul United Church of Christ. She has developed a strong youth group at her church titled, Exhale Youth Group, which has been very active for several years, including events, mission trips, fundraising and more.