Three years!
Yes, it's been three years since the AM was in person.
Join Us in Collinsville!!

Click here for Delegate Materials

We can't wait to see you at Annual Meeting 2022 in Collinsville

It will be great to be in-person, be inspired by the music of The Many, eat a St John breakfast tradition, worship together, learn about our ministry partners together, eat homemade cookies, learn about the work being done within ISC and DuBois, talk to folk that you may not have seen in a few years, and, did we mention...homemade cookies!?!

The documents you will need for the day, "Delegate Packet of Materials for Annual Meeting 2022" are attached in a pdf.  You can also find the documents on our website.  A couple of the documents may change as we near Annual Meeting:  "The "Voice without Vote" and the "Slate of Nominees" may change, respectively, as more visitors register and our fabulous ISC Recruitment Team fills in the last few slots.  Please watch for updates online and in future emails.  

Many of you receiving this email have already registered for Annual Meeting...Great!  For those of you who have not yet registered your delegates, please click here to register online or use the registration form attached.  

SAVE THE DATE:  Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 6:30 on Zoom to dicuss budget, resolution, slate of nominees, & WISE covenant.  This will be a time to hear presentations and ask questions in an informal atmosphere.  The Zoom link will be sent a week before the meeting.

 Did we tell you we are in person this year?...It's what we've been waiting for!

Health statement:  

“As we prepare to gather in person for the 2022 ISC Annual Meeting, let us practice compassion and kindness by continuing to practice good safety protocols. We ask that, if you do not feel well on the day of Annual Meeting, you wear a mask during the event or stay home in order to allow yourself to get better.  If it makes you more comfortable to wear a mask, you may bring your own or use a mask that we will have available.  We will do our best to keep you safe by providing masks and hand sanitizer and we hope you will do your best to make healthy decisions.  We so look forward to seeing you in person AND doing it in the healthiest way possible!”

Music & More by "The Many"

Drawing on indie pop and gospel influences, The Many makes music to help give voice to faith and doubt, questions and fears, laments and longings, music that speaks to a non-violent God, a Jesus who is with us and for us, and to a Spirit that can't be easily defined or controlled.

It's music for a movement of resistance to hatred and division, for reconciliation and restoration, and music that always reminds us "we are on this earth to love."

Learn more here.

See a live performance.

 ISC Annual Meeting 2022

ISC Annual Meeting 2022 - In-person
Love Is Greater than Fear (Love>Fear)
Date for AM:                          Special Musicians:             
October 15, 2022                The Many (See their website.)
Annual Meeting Offerings - Flyer
DuBois 6.0
DuBois Center will turn 60 in 2022, marking the year we took ownership of the land. While the first 60 years have been great, DuBois needs some maintenance and expansion to get ready for the next 60. We are over 80% of our way to our goal of $225,290 and need your help to get us the rest of the way to our goal. You can bring offerings collected at your worship services and/or bring your personal offering. Click here for list of what DuBois 6.0 will accomplish.
Noisy Offering
Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, typhoons…Victims of these natural disasters receive help from the UCC Disaster Ministries who work to provide initial responses and long-term follow-up by providing financial assistance & volunteer groups. See all of the ways Disaster Ministries can help your church and its congregation. Click here.
Here’s the plan…
  • Each ISC church asks its members to donate small or large amounts of change during Sunday School, Sunday worship services or meetings prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • Bring a representation of the change collected to the Annual Meeting at St John UCC, Collinsville on October 15, 2022. (You can convert some of the change to dollars or one large check by taking the change to a bank. They will count it and exchange it for paper currency.)
  • Bring some of the offering as change in a container that can make some noise at the presentation at Annual Meeting.
  • Designate a representative from your church to present the money during specified times at Annual Meeting.