2022 Annual Meeting Is Here

Delegate Materials  

  • Agenda Basic  pdf
  • Budget (Proposed)  pdf
  • Covenant to Become a WISE Conference  pdf
  • Delegate Information from Bylaws   pdf
  • Delegate Roles & Responsibilities  pdf
  • Offerings - Flyer   DuBois 6.0 Accomplishments   Disaster Ministries Info
  • Lodging   pdf
  • Minutes 2021 Annual Meeting
  • Registrar's Report  pdf
  • Resolution for Divestment (Proposed )  pdf
  • Slate of Nominees (Proposed)  pdf
  • Standing Rules  pdf
  • Voice without Vote   pdf

2022 Annual Meeting


  • Conference Minister's Report  pdf
  • Moderator's Report  pdf
  • Committee on Ministry Report  pdf
  • Green DuBois Report pdf
  • ISC Pride Report pdf

 ISC Annual Meeting 2022

ISC Annual Meeting 2022 - In-person
Love Is Greater than Fear (Love>Fear)
Date for AM:                          Special Musicians:             
October 15, 2022                The Many (See their website.)

Music & More by "The Many"

Drawing on indie pop and gospel influences, The Many makes music to help give voice to faith and doubt, questions and fears, laments and longings, music that speaks to a non-violent God, a Jesus who is with us and for us, and to a Spirit that can't be easily defined or controlled.

It's music for a movement of resistance to hatred and division, for reconciliation and restoration, and music that always reminds us "we are on this earth to love."

Learn more here.

See a live performance.


Conference health statement for AM:

“As we prepare to gather in person for the 2022 ISC Annual Meeting, let us practice compassion and kindness by continuing to practice good safety protocols. We ask that, if you do not feel well on the day of Annual Meeting, you wear a mask during the event or stay home in order to allow yourself to get better.  If it makes you more comfortable to wear a mask, you may bring your own or use a mask that we will have available.  We will do our best to keep you safe by providing masks and hand sanitizer and we hope you will do your best to make healthy decisions.  We so look forward to seeing you in person AND doing it in the healthiest way possible!”