Celebrating Ministries Reception
Prior to Annual Meeting
Here is a list of churches and pastors with ministry anniversaries.
Cahokia Bethel UCC 60 years
Dupo First Congregational UCC 110 years
Collinsville St. John UCC 125 years
Farina Friedens UCC 135 years
Hecker Friedens UCC 145 years
Troy Friedens UCC 145 years
Okawville St. Peter's UCC 155 years
Floraville St. Paul UCC 160 years
Edwardsville St. Paul UCC 165 years
Nashville St. Paul UCC 165 years
Plum Hill St. John UCC 165 years
Smithton St. John UCC 170 years
New Hanover Zoar UCC 175 years
Belleville St. Paul UCC 180 years
Godfrey Congregational UCC 180 years
Rev. Christy Eckert 5 years
Rev. Libby Feagans-King 5 years
Rev. Dana Schindler 5 years
Pastor Norma Patterson 10 years
Pastor Tom Ellison 15 years
Pastor Matt Friz 20 years
Rev. P. Jerry Bennett 25 years
Rev. Jeffrey Schwab 25 years
Rev. Michael Cassady 30 years
Rev. Karla Frost 30 years
Rev. Jerald “Jerry” MeCaskey 30 years
Rev. Pamela Smith 30 years
Rev. Robert “Bob” Goddard 35 years
Rev. Nancy Peebles 35 years
Rev. Sheldon Culver 45 years
Rev. Allen Reiter 45 years
Rev. Paul Thompson, Jr. 45 years
Rev. Ken Knobloch 55 years
Rev. C. Dwayne Dollgener 60 years
Rev. Allen Kolmer 60 years
Rev. Herbert Schafale 60 years
Rev. Paul Schippel 60 years
Rev. Robert Utke 60 years
Rev. Wesley Bornemann 70 years