Saturday, October 26, 2019

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, Belleville, Illinois

This year's annual meeting will be one day.

Your church may have decided that the "old canoe" that worked so well when you were floating down the river, doesn't bring your church success when the world is navigating a new terrain of "mountain climbing." What to do? What to do? At this year's Annual Meeting, we will look at churches who are navigating new terrain...have gone from surviving to thriving...have their feet on the ground and are marching with the blessed assurance of transformative changes. They have listened to God's call and have adapted with repurposed buildings, the priesthood of lay leaders, interactive worship services and embracing the demographics of their communities. Witness fearlessness and hope. Adapt your paradigm to the reality of now. Transform your church. Find out what makes your church's heart sing.

Three ISC Churches Share Their Transformations

You will hear presentations from three of our Illinois South Conference Churches explaining how times were difficult. Numbers in the church were falling or remaining stagnant. The passion for mission was dwindling. They needed to look at their churches with fresh eyes to see where God was leading them. Was the path leading to closure? Selling the building? Changing worship? Inviting new leadership? They were in heart-stopping moments of change...change that could transform their congregation into a vibrant, mission-filled, welcoming church.

One recognized that people in their church had wonderful gifts that were underutilized. They began a program to highlight what leadership was already among the pews of their church. This new ownership by the congregants revitalized the church.

Another found new meaning by re-purposing the building that seemed to be keeping them from the mission work that they were called to do. They began partnering with organizations that could keep the mission-focus within the very walls that they had previously thought were holding them back.

The final church found that a decision to transform everything about their worship style gave them new purpose, invited people in who had been previously unchurched, and blew new life into what seemed to be certain death for the congregation.

Join us at the Annual Meeting to recharge ideas for your church as well.

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