Day of Discipleship - 2017

Shaking Up  Worship!

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Nashville St. Paul UCC
9 am - 2 pm

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Christopher Grundy

2017 Workshops

Music! Music! Music!
Music is an integral part of a worship service. It connects us in a way that nothing else can. The workshop will illustrate just how powerful music can be.
Presented by Rev. Dr. Christopher Grundy.

Messy Church
Messy Church began in the Church of England those churches have seen 175,000 people join their congregations.  St. John UCC in Wood River is one of the 3,500 churches in a dozen countries and half dozen denominations.  It is a transformative, cross-generational movement involving worship and a monthly event that brings families together in worship, study, experiential learning and dinner together. Learn the basics.
Presented by Rev. Michael Southcombe.

Technology and Religion: How Does That Work?
These two seemingly polar opposite topics can work together to enhance worship, but how? And, do we want to?. From projecting on a screen on Sunday morning to creating videos for Youtube, technology can be the vehicle to reach more people with the Word and meaning of being Christian.
Presented by Rev. Jerry Amiri and Rev. Will VerDuin.


2017 Workshops Continued

Engaging Our Senses in Worship
Engaging our senses in worship is integral in helping people awaken their bodies to the Word made flesh.  Find out ways to reach the people in the pews engaging their senses in worship through sight, smell, and touch.
Presented by Rev. Pamela Smith and Rev. Stacy Tate.

Banner UP!!
Banners are an important part of the worship accessories. In very few words, they deliver monumental messages to the worshipers. Leaders will give ideas for developing the words, colors and designs used in distinctive banners.
Presented by St. Paul UCC in Lebanon and St. Paul UCC in Belleville.

Performance Worship
Unique performances through skits, monologues, poetry, analogies, metaphors, parables, and humor create unusual ways to share the wonders of worship.
Presented by  the Collinsville St. John Evangelical UCC Mosaic Team.

What Does a Worship Committee Do?
Many churches have a specific committee to help with the worship services. This workshop will talk about the responsibilities of the committee, how far does its responsibility go, and when is the committee taking on more than it is responsible for.
Presented by Rev. Shana Johnson.